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Frictionless business-to-business communication should be easy and affordable, regardless of business size. As a consolidator of world-class EDI VAN service (Electronic Data Interchange Value-Added Network), we offer high-quality Tier 1 solutions with no hidden fees, long-term contracts or surcharges. Our EDI solutions are flexible and scalable to meet your needs, from entry level to a full e-commerce solution:

NewEDI provides fast, secure, reliable electronic transmission of EDI documents across your supply chain. NewEDI offers end-to-end security, 99.998% network uptime, 100% secure connections, and is completely scalable.

Expanded EDI Services for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

NewEDI customers can benefit from a portfolio of powerful EDI services that are typically available only to large businesses. Companies of any size can now have web EDI collaboration, data translation and connectivity options, as well as transaction monitoring and VAN services, thanks to our long-standing partnership with Liaison Technologies. Liaison is one of only three companies recognized as a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader among Tier 1 B2B EDI organizations.

  • Liaison Athena WebFormstm

    – this unique web-based EDI collaboration and commerce system is ideal for organizations that have never used EDI or don’t need full-blown EDI service. Athena gives trading partners a better way to manage order processing, fulfillment, invoicing, and business relationships. The WebForms home page displays critical outstanding tasks for each purchase order received, showing users only what needs their attention. There’s nothing to install and no servers to configure; if you can access the Internet, you can use Athena. Click here to check out the Liaison Athena demo.

  • Liaison Delta Translation Software

    – if you need a more robust EDI solution that can simplify complex scenarios, or if you just want greater control of your EDI system, Delta translation software is the solution for you. From integrating purchase orders to converting files into XML invoices, handling online invoices—and more—Delta takes your data and translates it into EDI format. NewEDI will help install the software on your system; we can build data maps or you can use in-house resources. Delta’s open architecture makes it easy, and with dynamic, intuitive tools and a common language, Delta has everything you need, at a fraction of what other Tier 1 EDI providers charge. Click here to learn more.

  • Liaison ECS

    – once you’ve built the translation maps, if you don’t have transportation protocols in place, Liaison’s Electronic Commerce Server (ECS) can provide trading partner connectivity. Fully extensible and adaptable to any standard, ECS can handle many different protocols, including AS2, sFTP, FTP, and more. Click here for more information.

  • Liaison LENS

    – Liaison’s Enterprise Navigation System, or LENS, enables you to view all transactions, create reports, and even share data with colleagues. Visibility is practically in real time – typically within 1 to 2 minutes. LENS is included (free of charge) to all VAN customers. Click here to learn more, and watch a LENS demo here.

  • Liaison VAN

    – our Value Added Network serves as a virtual mailbox for exchanging EDI and other documents between trading partners. Liaison’s industry-leading exchange network is reliable, efficient and cost-effective. Click here to learn more.