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What Our Customers Say

Over the years in my role as Director of EDI for Showroom 35 Accessories, Botkier NY and She+Lo, I’d been approached a multitude of VAN services looking to extricate our VAN business from the company that we’d been using for this service for over a decade.

While some companies offered mildly better pricing I did not feel the risk/benefit was worth making the move.  As many of you whom will be reading this testimonial are aware, a bad migration or an unreliable VAN can cause any savings that might be garnered by such a move to be quickly whittled away if EDI transactions were lost or delayed.  With over fifty active trading partners it was important to me that if/when we made the move to another VAN that it be to a company that could not only offer aggressive pricing but had a history of quality service and support.

When I received a sales call from their VAN Services NewEDI, my expectations were that it would be higher than my current VAN rates but to my surprise their quote came in at a significant savings that knocked me off the fence regarding making a move. Within a week I made a commitment to the change.  Shortly after receiving and signing the agreement for services I was contacted by one of their Senior Implementation Specialists.  She was on top of the process all the way through and within days all my customers were transitioned to NewEDI without a hitch!  While it’s only been four months since the migration I can say that so far the service has been impeccable and I find the web based tool LENS to be excellent for document tracking.

In closing, if it’s not already apparent by comments above that I would highly recommend NewEDI to any of my constituents looking for top notch VAN services at aggressive pricing!

– Dave S, Director of EDI, Showroom 35 Accessories, Botkier NY and She+Lo


The paradigm in the digital world is that with each successive generation of a product or service the user gets more for less. In EDI, that has come to mean, each year, more KiloCharacters for a lower cost.  But if the difference in price is minimal, is the savings worth the risk of disruption to one’s business by changing one’s connection as well as the cost of the switch? We’ve been operating our EDI service bureau for over 22 years, and have had many offers of lower prices, better service, and no disruption when migrating.  The offers were never attractive enough even though there were promises of savings. Our connectivity grew more complex, mailboxes on multiple VANs, direct AS2 with dozens of trading partners.  Our VANs would make a competitive counter offer and we could save money without switching or risk.  Every 2 years we would repeat the scenario.

One day, as our contract expiration was approaching, an advertisement from NewEDI caught my eye.  The price was not a minimal decrease, it was dramatic.  I called and spoke with one of the sales reps, the price was for real!  We signed an agreement and began work preparing to migrate our connections.  There was no cost from NewEDI for their migration work. I was introduced to the Migration’s Analyst who would make our migration painless, she was great, she explained what she needed from me.  I explained our old configuration and our limitations on resources available to work on the migration.I also explained our time line for moving off our VANs based on their expiration dates.  We had another complication, our AS2 software was sun setting.  I exported and gave her a list of trading partnerships in our system, she analyzed the trading partnerships and organized them by the NewEDI connection method.  Together we formulated a plan.  At my request, we migrated most of our AS2 connections 1st, then our VANs, and finally some special AS2 connections.  Our Migration Analyst was well organized and efficient, she knew what she was doing.  I can tell, I’ve worn many hats over the years, but have remained hands on technical on a daily basis.  It was a pleasure to talk with a peer, who knew the procedures, the intricacies, the pitfalls to avoid.

Our company is on its way to significant savings, not taking several years, over just a few months.  1 of the benefits I didn’t realize we would achieve was a simplification of connectivity and communications.  We used to run scripts to make multiple connections and now we just need 1 script.  Our daily processing has become simpler and easier to manage.  Overall I am very pleased with NewEDI, our migration, our savings, and the entire experience.  I would recommend the company to everyone.

– Todd M, The Camry Group, Inc.


The sales process with NewEDI was excellent.  There isn’t anything that they could have or should have done differently.  What caused us to change was the price.  They called and offered to cut our price in half and that was enough to make the switch.  The Migration Analyst and our software provider solved any issues and everything is working fine.
– Mark B, Genie Trucking


We chose NewEDI for 2 reasons: 1) The lower price point and full customer service support, and 2) Their EDI VAN services are provided by Liaison Exchange Network, a high availability tier-1 provider.

NewEDI has saved our company close to 80% on EDI VAN costs. We have been using EDI for a long time, so we know that NewEDI is offering us a great value. We highly recommend NewEDI to other businesses and really like their flexible approach to customers.

– Tom S, V.F. Grace


NewEDI is saving us over 50% on our EDI VAN costs. We were paying a significantly higher amount for lower volume with our last provider because of the minimum fee restriction. NewEDI’s “no minimum spend” requirement is a huge benefit to us. Also, NewEDI’s intuitive online ordering and contracting process along with their phone support saved us time and inconvenience.

– Brent V, EDI Coordinator, Nussbaum Transport Services’