NewEDI:  Your Proven EDI VAN PartnerAn abstract Forex graph room in red

NewEDI offers VAN services that deliver turnkey solutions that are scalable for enterprise-level companies as well as those specific to small and medium-sized businesses. We partner with Liaison Technologies, a Tier 1 provider with a network of over 160,000 trading partners and secure, dependable connectivity. Coupled with Liaison’s acquisition of NuBridges, a leader in established and secure VAN service as well as award-winning data security, NewEDI’s legacy is that of a reliable and effective EDI VAN partner.

NewEDI is leading the market by not charging our customers many of the traditional fees our competitors do. With a customized pricing approach, you’ll only pay for the usage that’s right for your business. And regardless of how extensive or complex your business needs are, we make the migration to NewEDI as seamless as possible for you. Each migration has a migration specialist assigned to do all the heavy lifting, walking you through each step and setting up and testing all of your trading partners so your business runs uninterrupted without the risk of unexpected fees and fines.

With our customer-focused fee structure and customized pricing model, NewEDI has taken a 40+ year-old industry and made it practically effortless for our customers. Contact us with any questions and to get you started.